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The Olympics and International Relations The modern Olympic games are undoubtedly the greatest global sporting event. Every four years, athletes from across the world assemble in a host city, political leaders have used this platform many times to push their agendas and ideological leanings. The Olympics may be a sporting event but world politics has… Continue reading THE OLYMPICS AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS

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The Jesuit Priest and India’s Constitution.

Forgotten Hero's-  Jerome D'souza SJ A while ago, I was reading about the history of the Jesuits in India and I came across a name that rang a very familiar tone, a few Google searches later, I discovered the life of Father Jerome D'souza SJ, the more I read about him, the more I was… Continue reading The Jesuit Priest and India’s Constitution.

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The Election is over.

  Indian elections are loud, vibrant, colorful, and huge affairs with large amounts of money spent, this year, however, witnessed an election which was marred with hate speech, petty mudslinging and several incidents of political violence, political discourse hit new lows everyday and the country was sharply divided into two groups of people who were… Continue reading The Election is over.