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Food, Identity and Racism

Food is Identity. Years ago when I was in school, a new girl had just joined the class, she was from the North East of India. On her first day she brought two small tiffin boxes, the first had rice and the second had a vegetable curry which looked very different to the normal Indian… Continue reading Food, Identity and Racism

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The fight against FGM/C

(This post is a part of our series on Young People who are making the world a better place) FGM or Female Genital Mutilation is something much more common than we think it is, it's a medival and horrendous practice that has survived and thrived over the years. It is not only a huge violation… Continue reading The fight against FGM/C



You see little children being forced to work Little soft hands Innocent minds Yet they carry a load most of us wouldn't You see garbage all around the city No one seems to care Not even the so-called “educated” You see ignorance You see exploitation You breathe pollution You see broken roads You see fused… Continue reading WE SHOULD ALL BE ACTIVE CITIZENS.