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The message of India

What exactly is India? Is it a country? An idea? A geographical area? A feeling? Or is it a message? For me, the concept and the creation of India is a message- but what exactly is this message? The ‘Message of India’ can be summed up in an axiom which is quite often used in… Continue reading The message of India

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10 Terms to help you Understand The US Elections!

There's a lot of talk over the US elections which are less than a month away, this article will give you a list of terms that will help you navigate the Election Season!  <<Democrats and Republicans>> Democrats are the center-left political party and their symbol is a Donkey. They stand for socially liberal positions. Famous… Continue reading 10 Terms to help you Understand The US Elections!



You see little children being forced to work Little soft hands Innocent minds Yet they carry a load most of us wouldn't You see garbage all around the city No one seems to care Not even the so-called “educated” You see ignorance You see exploitation You breathe pollution You see broken roads You see fused… Continue reading WE SHOULD ALL BE ACTIVE CITIZENS.