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The Olympics and International Relations The modern Olympic games are undoubtedly the greatest global sporting event. Every four years, athletes from across the world assemble in a host city, political leaders have used this platform many times to push their agendas and ideological leanings. The Olympics may be a sporting event but world politics has… Continue reading THE OLYMPICS AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS

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How well do you know Democracy?

Are these statements true or false?  Democratic governments are elected by the people Democracy works only in Western CountriesFundamental Rights are protected in a Democracy Democracy focuses on Rule of LawDemocracies do not have elections There can only be 2 parties in a Democracy Democracy enables all groups in a country to get equal opportunitiesDemocracy needs a free press… Continue reading How well do you know Democracy?

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What’s your Political Awareness score?

How well do you follow the political news and events? Are you a politically aware citizen who knows what is happening? Check out the quiz below to find out! One point per question you get right!-   Who's the PM of the UK right now? What does UNO stand for? USA holds elections for the Presidency every 4… Continue reading What’s your Political Awareness score?

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10 Terms to help you Understand The US Elections!

There's a lot of talk over the US elections which are less than a month away, this article will give you a list of terms that will help you navigate the Election Season!  <<Democrats and Republicans>> Democrats are the center-left political party and their symbol is a Donkey. They stand for socially liberal positions. Famous… Continue reading 10 Terms to help you Understand The US Elections!