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Freedom. Last week was a weird week. I woke up at 5 am on the 6th of January, I remember making a cup of coffee and turning on the news. To my horror, I saw the US capitol under attack. Hundreds of people had stormed into the chambers of the bastion of freedom and democracy.… Continue reading Freedom.

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Politics lingo

Many people don't follow the political news and news about world affairs mainly because some of the terms used by news agencies are quite complicated for a layman to understand. In My Opinion is trying to change this by constantly putting up small, readable posts of various political ideas, terms and events which can easily… Continue reading Politics lingo

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Know your Freedoms.

Freedom is a complicated word, it's been used time and time again to represent various things. It also means different things for different people. But almost all democracies across the world protect and guarantee eight types of freedoms. These freedoms are essential for human existence and are inalienable and indivisible in nature, meaning they can… Continue reading Know your Freedoms.

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The UN works for all of us.

The UN works for all of us. This article is written in honour of the United Nations Day 2020, celebrating 75 years of the United Nations The United Nations was founded  75 years ago after the  deadly second world war which ravaged the entire world. The UN today is facing enormous scrutiny from various corners,… Continue reading The UN works for all of us.

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How well do you know Democracy?

Are these statements true or false?  Democratic governments are elected by the people Democracy works only in Western CountriesFundamental Rights are protected in a Democracy Democracy focuses on Rule of LawDemocracies do not have elections There can only be 2 parties in a Democracy Democracy enables all groups in a country to get equal opportunitiesDemocracy needs a free press… Continue reading How well do you know Democracy?