I went for a haircut

Like many others, I haven't cut my hair since the lockdown, while it was very tempting to try cutting it at home, I resisted the urge, I told myself- what if they suddenly open the lockdown, you will have to step outside and you'll have a disaster of a haircut, don't risk it!  Fortunately, the… Continue reading I went for a haircut


COVID-19 Advisory

The world is undoubtedly facing an unprecedented crisis, across the world Governments have advised people to take a number of precautions. As responsible citizens of the world, it's our duty to be cautious and to take recommended precautions. In times like this, let us put our full faith in Science and let us take a… Continue reading COVID-19 Advisory


An open letter to Indian Politicians from the young!

Dear politicians   Elections are just around the corner, the news waves are filled with election news, the newspapers carry huge advertisements issued by political parties, huge banners can be found across cities and towns asking people to vote for development , progress, peace and strong leadership, pollsters are publishing numerous opinion polls every day,… Continue reading An open letter to Indian Politicians from the young!


I’m a human


I’m a Hindu, I celebrate Holi, Diwali and I visit almost every temple I get a chance to go to, I’m always curious to learn more of the Vedas and one of my favorite quotes is from the Rigveda-” May all be happy, May all be free of Illness, May all see what is auspicious, May no one suffer”
I’m a Muslim, I’ve gone to Sufi shrines and given a “Chadar”, I’ve visited both Sunni and Shia mosques where I’ve been welcomed with open arms, I’ve eaten lovely food during Eid and I’ve always admired the quality of Charity which all Muslims have inbuilt in their culture.
I’m a Christian, I go to church and I’ve read the Bible, I believe Jesus Christ was an ideal man and we all should be a little more like him. I celebrate Easter and Christmas and I’ve studied at Christan Institutions where people…

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