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The Guardian carried an article recently that COVID posed the biggest mental health challenge to mankind since the Second World War. Why is it that we don't take this more seriously? Why do we not bother about the Mental Health pandemic?  Everyone from young children to older adults have been impacted, Governments have been imposing… Continue reading MENTAL HEALTH PANDEMIC.

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The US Elections QUIZ!

The US elections QUIZ! The US elections are a week away and we wanted to get you all excited with a small quiz! 1 point for each correct answer! Let's see how well you do! (Answers given below) A US President can serve how many terms?Joe Biden belongs to which party?Who is President Trump's Running… Continue reading The US Elections QUIZ!

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What’s your Political Awareness score?

How well do you follow the political news and events? Are you a politically aware citizen who knows what is happening? Check out the quiz below to find out! One point per question you get right!-   Who's the PM of the UK right now? What does UNO stand for? USA holds elections for the Presidency every 4… Continue reading What’s your Political Awareness score?

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History helps us understand many things, contemporary world politics for example can be understood when we look at various events that have happened over the years. This list however is not comprehensive but will give you an understanding of the changing dynamics of the world's balance of power and the conflicts that have come up… Continue reading HISTORICAL EVENTS WHICH CHANGED THE COURSE OF WORLD POLITICS

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10 Terms to help you Understand The US Elections!

There's a lot of talk over the US elections which are less than a month away, this article will give you a list of terms that will help you navigate the Election Season!  <<Democrats and Republicans>> Democrats are the center-left political party and their symbol is a Donkey. They stand for socially liberal positions. Famous… Continue reading 10 Terms to help you Understand The US Elections!