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Afghanistan needs us

Afghanistan needs usAfghanistan for many years has consistently been in the news, almost everyone with a small interest in global politics is aware of what's happening in Afghanistan. But what really can the world do to make the situation better for the people of Afghanistan? For starters, it's important to understand the conflict- Afghanistan is… Continue reading Afghanistan needs us

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Globalization and the vaccine

Thank Globalization for the fast development of Vaccines.  COVID19 hit the world about a year ago, across the world various national and international agencies started to work fast to develop a vaccine which would work, in fact if there was a word that brought hope to millions of people across the world, it was 'vaccine'. … Continue reading Globalization and the vaccine

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Know your Freedoms.

Freedom is a complicated word, it's been used time and time again to represent various things. It also means different things for different people. But almost all democracies across the world protect and guarantee eight types of freedoms. These freedoms are essential for human existence and are inalienable and indivisible in nature, meaning they can… Continue reading Know your Freedoms.