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The message of India

What exactly is India? Is it a country? An idea? A geographical area? A feeling? Or is it a message? For me, the concept and the creation of India is a message- but what exactly is this message? The ‘Message of India’ can be summed up in an axiom which is quite often used in… Continue reading The message of India

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Religious scriptures for troubled times.

We live in times of trouble and hatred. It is more important for us to really understand the essence and spirit of various religious texts, only then would it be possible for us to defeat the differences that have come up across the world. I have selected a list of scriptures and readings from various… Continue reading Religious scriptures for troubled times.

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The UN works for all of us.

The UN works for all of us. This article is written in honour of the United Nations Day 2020, celebrating 75 years of the United Nations The United Nations was founded  75 years ago after the  deadly second world war which ravaged the entire world. The UN today is facing enormous scrutiny from various corners,… Continue reading The UN works for all of us.

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History helps us understand many things, contemporary world politics for example can be understood when we look at various events that have happened over the years. This list however is not comprehensive but will give you an understanding of the changing dynamics of the world's balance of power and the conflicts that have come up… Continue reading HISTORICAL EVENTS WHICH CHANGED THE COURSE OF WORLD POLITICS

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The Election is over.

  Indian elections are loud, vibrant, colorful, and huge affairs with large amounts of money spent, this year, however, witnessed an election which was marred with hate speech, petty mudslinging and several incidents of political violence, political discourse hit new lows everyday and the country was sharply divided into two groups of people who were… Continue reading The Election is over.