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The Jesuit Priest and India’s Constitution.

Forgotten Hero's-  Jerome D'souza SJ A while ago, I was reading about the history of the Jesuits in India and I came across a name that rang a very familiar tone, a few Google searches later, I discovered the life of Father Jerome D'souza SJ, the more I read about him, the more I was… Continue reading The Jesuit Priest and India’s Constitution.

India, People

Church Street, Diversity and Bangalore

On one end of my street is busy Brigade Road, filled with people and shops selling almost everything under the sun, on the other end of my street is the quaint St. Mark’s Cathedral, my father and I have gone there for the Sunday morning services for many years now, always a pleasant feeling listening… Continue reading Church Street, Diversity and Bangalore


Is Post-Modernism still relevant?

Post-Modernism is an ideology which came up right after the industrial revolution, it's an ideology which is based on the basic tenant that there is no meta narrative, all knowledge is partial and nothing is absolute. It first emerged in the art and literary circles and then slowly spread to other spheres. Post-Modernists believe that… Continue reading Is Post-Modernism still relevant?