What makes India so special?

As the country moves towards celebrating our 75th Independence Day, I kept thinking about what a privilege it is to be an Indian. I kept thinking about the many things which make India such a special country to live in. In my opinion, there are two things which make India truly special, the first is… Continue reading What makes India so special?

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India needs to make climate change the core of our foreign policy

Climate change has undoubtedly become the world's most important security issue and the world desperately needs a leader in order to effectively combat the harmful effects of climate change, in this article, I argue that India has a great chance to become this leader and by putting climate change at the center of our foreign… Continue reading India needs to make climate change the core of our foreign policy

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The Olympics and International Relations The modern Olympic games are undoubtedly the greatest global sporting event. Every four years, athletes from across the world assemble in a host city, political leaders have used this platform many times to push their agendas and ideological leanings. The Olympics may be a sporting event but world politics has… Continue reading THE OLYMPICS AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS

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Afghanistan needs us

Afghanistan needs usAfghanistan for many years has consistently been in the news, almost everyone with a small interest in global politics is aware of what's happening in Afghanistan. But what really can the world do to make the situation better for the people of Afghanistan? For starters, it's important to understand the conflict- Afghanistan is… Continue reading Afghanistan needs us