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The US Elections QUIZ!

The US elections QUIZ!

The US elections are a week away and we wanted to get you all excited with a small quiz! 1 point for each correct answer! Let’s see how well you do! (Answers given below)

  1. A US President can serve how many terms?
  2. Joe Biden belongs to which party?
  3. Who is President Trump’s Running Mate?
  4. States like Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are called collectively as?
  5. The winner of the election needs 270 electoral college votes out of?
  6. The US elections are held once in how many years?
  7. The winner of the election is the one who gets the maximum popular vote- True or False?
  8. Can you name the 2 other political parties in the US apart from the Democrats and the Republicans?
  9. The US elections are held in the first week of November, always on what day of the week?
  10. President Obama was the first African American President- True or False
  11. All US citizens above the age of 18 have the right to vote, even those who belong to minority communities- True or False?
  12. The US follows a Presidential form of Democracy- True or False
  13. Can you name any 2 Republican and Democratic Presidential Candidates?
  14. Bernie Sanders lost to Joe Biden in the Primaries of which political party
  15. Opinion polls are conducted before the election- True or False?

Answer key-

  1. 2 terms of 4 years each
  2. Democratic Party
  3. Mike Pence 
  4. Swing States- States where both candidates have an equal shot at winning 
  5. 538 
  6. 4 years
  7. False. The electoral college votes matter more than the popular vote 
  8. Libertarians and Greens
  9. Tuesday 
  10. True
  11. True
  12. True
  13. We will let you Google this one!
  14. Democratic 
  15. True. Exit Polls are conducted after the elections. 

If you are eligible to vote, do not forget to vote! Your vote counts! Do let us know your score below!

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