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The fight against FGM/C

(This post is a part of our series on Young People who are making the world a better place)

FGM or Female Genital Mutilation is something much more common than we think it is, it’s a medival and horrendous practice that has survived and thrived over the years. It is not only a huge violation of Human Rights but it is also ethically and morally wrong. Although it is outlawed in most countries of the world, it continues to be a common practice in many parts of the world. Fortunately there are several groups and organizations across the world who are fighting this gruesome practice, this post is dedicated to one such organization run by Sanya Sharma, a 20 year old student from India.

Scarlet Udaan, is a youth based awareness organisation, to raise awareness on Female Genital Mutilation. It is estimated by the World Health Organisation that 200 million females around the world have undergone FGM/C. The name Scarlet Udaan, comes from the word ‘Scarlet’- a brilliant red color which signifies the strength in one’s womanhood; and the word ‘Udaan’- is a Hindi word which means ‘to soar’ or ‘to fly’: It symbolises freedom and the limitless possibilities that exist for an individual. The organization aims to imbibe the spirit of their name and hope for a world where the same power and freedom can exist within all women.

Sanya says “Through the organisation, we hope to bring awareness on Female Genital Mutilation and the impact it has on the lives of females belonging to different communities all around the world”. The team currently comprises 20 University students from all parts of the world: US, UK, India, South Africa, Nigeria, Canada and Germany. The fight is not only against FGM/C but also the patriarchal structures that have oppressed and humiliated women for centuries.

When asked about the work they mainly aim at doing, Sanya shared the following message with me- “Our aim under raising awareness on FGM and ending FGM is to specifically target the youth today, as a vast majority of high school students and university students are unaware about the global extent to which FGM is practised today. As a youth run organisation, we are currently collaborating with other youth organisations to raise awareness on FGM through social media: live streams and webinars. Post COVID-19, our aim is to run community outreach programs and raise awareness on FGM at schools and universities across the world. We are currently doing educational posts on instagram, global Read, watch and listen campaigns and engaging with different youth platforms to raise awareness on FGM. Our aim is to raise awareness on FGM and work towards Ending FGM, we are doing this through a range of events on our social media platforms and upcoming webinars/collaborations”

This post is in honour of all the brave women across the world fighting against the practice of FGM and also in honour of the surviors of this horrendous practice. May we continue to raise our voices to ensure a world free of FGM/C. The need of the hour is both a combination of awareness and legislation that will effectively put an end to this horrible practice.

You may follow their social media links given below to join their Global Movement-





Young people aren’t the leaders of tomorrow, they are the leaders of today and tomorrow- Kathy Calvin

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