I’m nice to everyone

Why I’m nice to everyone?

I’m nice to the man at the grocery store, he woke up at 4am and opened up his shop

I’m nice to the security guard, he misses his family, they stay a million miles away

I’m nice to the post man, his bike stopped working and he walked through the neighbourhood, packages on his shoulders.

I’m nice to the beggar, he really doesn’t have a choice but to knock at car windows

I’m nice to garbage collector, he gets fined for being a minute late, you’d never imagine the kind of things people throw away.

I’m nice to the server, he studies late into the night but can’t focus, he’s broken three plates and the cook forgot the food, yet it’s his fault.

I’m nice to the cab driver, he isn’t able to pay his son’s school fee, Uber doesn’t treat him fairly.

I’m nice to the mechanic, he hasn’t had a meal in two days, grease and oil aren’t pretty

I’m nice to the labourer, he hasn’t taken a break since dawn, clean water and a good roof seem like dreams in another world

I’m nice to man who’s singing a song and walking by, the song reminds him of simpler times, his addiction wasn’t an issue and his sons still spoke to him

I’m nice to the schoolboy, he forgot his lunch and he can’t seem to find his favorite pen and he’s late to class too!

I’m nice to the teacher, she’s been grading papers through the night, she’s sick and tired but full of passion

I’m nice to the doctor, his surgeries haven’t gone fine today, it isn’t his fault.

I’m nice to the immigrant from Nepal, it’s Nepali New Year and he’s far away from his only son.

I’m nice to the Gardner, he takes perfect care of his flowers but he can’t afford to do the same for his family

I’m nice to the policeman, he’s seen things which he wishes he never had, he’s disturbed and angry but he can’t help

I’m nice to the artist, his best piece of art was slammed by an art critic

I’m nice to the musician, hours of practice still won’t get him a decent job

I’m nice to the dancer, her feet are sore, but the show must go on

I’m nice to the man at the gym, his clothes no longer fit, but he’s determined to prove them all wrong

I’m nice to people, everyone has their own struggles, aspirations and goals they are trying to overcome, it’s a cruel world out there, we can all do with some more love.💛

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