We live in a very heterogeneous planet, people across this planet don’t look the same, they don’t eat the same type of food nor do they speak the same language, people don’t wear the same type of clothes and they don’t worship the same way, but is this really a bad thing ?

In my opinion, it’s this beautiful diversity which makes our civilization so unique and wonderful.

Take a moment and imagine a world where everyone looked like you,spoke only your language and celebrated only your festival. Wouldn’t this make mankind a little too boring ?

Growing up, I was always very jealous when my neighbours would celebrate a festival which we didn’t celebrate, they would have new clothes, eat good food and spend time laughing, while I sulked not having a festival to celebrate!

My solution? I started celebrating with them, each time they had a celebration and stared learning so much more about diffrent people . I embraced different cultures and traditions along the way.

This way, almost every month, I had a festival to look forward too! I went along to Temples, to Churches, to Mosques, I ate things I never thought I would and made friends with great people along the way!

I do agree it’s quite hard to embrace new cultures,many people see diversity as a threat rather than a beauty, but I don’t seem to see why it’s wrong for people to be different yet be accepted. India, for example has grown and has become one of the largest economies in the world and has stood strong for over 70 years now, we have made rapid progress in various fields and have been a beacon of peace and compassion for several years.This is my opinion has largely happen due to our diversity.Our diversity has become our strength and in many ways our soft power too. In India the concept of diversity has stood the test of time, almost every single state in our country has her own language,culture and tradition but this mosaic like nature of our country has never been our weakness, it has always helped us unite and become stronger.

I’m very fortunate  to have grown up and to live in such a country, simply because this diversity has made me more open minded and in many ways has shaped who I am today.

Don’t be afraid of this pluralism and diversity we see around us-

The next time you see your friend bring a dish which you may have never seen in your life, try tasting it instead of complaining about how weird it looks,try speaking a new language, try celebrating a new festival, try becoming more aware of other cultures and traditions, embrace our differences and diversities. Trust me, its way more fun this way. Don’t mock or tarnish another person’s culture or practice, Don’t have a negative mindset that your culture is supreme (Do note, dictators like Adolf Hitler always felt their culture was supreme!) Try being more open to other communities and try using this diversity to your advantage.

The exact moment when two very different cultures and communities meet and then embrace their differences, at this very moment, society evolves, we progress and we become better people than we are.

Progress isn’t just  huge buildings and wide roads, progress becomes complete only when you are no longer scared of people who aren’t like you. It’s when an Russian learns to speak Hindi, it’s when a Jew becomes friends with an Arab, it’s when stereotypes are broken and then proved wrong, it’s when Indians realize that the North-East of India belongs to India and the people there are as Indian as the rest of us, it’s when we we stop calling them abusive terms and start treating them with dignity. It’s when we realize how beautiful our planet is.

So this is my message to you- Open up not just your minds but your hearts as well, Let us celebrate Christmas, Eid, Navroz, Baisakhi, Diwali, Holi, Pongal, Bihu and the ten- thousand other festivals, let us eat good food and make merry. Let us forget all  our differences and let us become better people, Let’s not be Ignorant or snobbish, let’s celebrate this planet.

Let’s open our homes to other communities and people. Invite others for our festivals and try bridging gaps which one may think will never fill.

But most of all – Let us not be afraid of diversity.

Side note- I’ve enjoyed writing this blog and i’m super happy many people have liked it too

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1 thought on “DO NOT FEAR DIVERSITY.”

  1. So well said !! Diversity means acceptance and progress means moving ahead with open minded with mental growth and the way you look towards the world!! I am glad to find a blog whose perception is different from what one religion, caste etc you belong too because believing on a point that a an individual is more important than to what background he/ she is from. As pain and sufferings, love and compassion doesn’t come in groups but belongs in common to the world


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