This platform is all about making this world a better place. We trying our best to change the things we do not like about our planet- racism, violence, war, poverty, political ignorance, xenophobia and so many other evils. This platform is a tool to change the world, one blog post, one opinion piece, one poem, one essay, one painting and one conversation at a time. We hope you’ll join us in this journey and help us grow our movement, change occurs only when society has the will to do so. Remember this platform belongs to you too and we want to hear your opinions on the issues we raise as well! We are firm believers that the more opinions we have, the better it is! We talk mainly about social and political issues and as the pictures across this platform say, we visit various places and meet various people to learn more about their culture, traditions, to hear new narratives, to pick up new stories and to voice our concerns about issues that need our urgent attention. We ultimately aim at creating a coalition of people who are passionate about social change and instill a sense of community and civic sense in our societies. We build bridges here.

About the founder-

Shreyas Isaac studies in St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), India and has researched on a wide variety of subjects focusing on Gandhian philosophy and Indian Politics. He is deeply passionate about International Affairs, Peace Studies, History and Diplomacy. His aim has been to engage young people into social and political affairs and he writes about common social and poltical issues. He is also passionate about education and has worked with several NGO’s aiming at providing quality education to marginalized sections in India.

You can find him on LinkedIn – Shreyas Isaac

Cheers fellow earthlings!

With Sarah Cohen a wonderful woman who lives in Jew town, Kochin, India. We had the privilege to meet her in 2018 and have a chat about life!
At the house of a family in Bangalore, India who showed us their Persian roots!
At an Armenian Church in Chennai,India. We went here in the blistering sun to see the remains of an Armenian community which existed here many many years ago!

At a sacred Balinese temple in Indonesia

This is how we responsed to the Pandemic- Soap Distributions!

We engage and talk to people, even those we don’t agree with!